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Tips to cut down on false alarms in Worcester

June 17, 2022

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False alarms are an actual issue for a home security system. They not only lower the trust you have in your installation, but they may be a burden on your time and pocketbook. Luckily, you may do some things to minimize false alarms from your Worcester home security system.

First, ensure that your devices installed properly. This process may seem like an obvious course of action, but it’s often the case that overlooked miscues result in false alarms. For the next step, keep an eye on likely causes of false alarms, including windows and doors that may be kept unsecured by accident. And of course, feel free to incorporate the various features like home automation and geotracking to cut down on false alarms in Worcester.

Could it be really that simple? Keep reading to see for yourself.

Can you side step false alarms in Worcester?

Like diagnosing any problem, the best course of action is to reference the manual. Ensure all your components are set up appropriately on your end by:

  • Executing a checkup via your smart hub touchscreen.
  • Physically inspect each sensor to ensure it didn't become dislodged or need fresh batteries.
  • Check your schedules and presets to ensure that your alarms aren’t arming at inopportune times.
  • Be certain that all integrated smart devices are installed correctly and aren't disrupting your alarms.

Contact your customer service representative if you continue to have problems cutting down false alarms in your Worcester home. They'll be pleased to dispatch a tehnician to inspect your equipment.

Investigate your windows and doors

In the event your configuration appears to be OK, the ensuing course of action is to thoroughly inspect the house. Are your windows and doors tightly secured, or might there be a few inadvertently cracked? If an entry point remains unlatched, it could trip an activated sensor. If it just so happens that your clan routinely neglects to secure an entrance, you can implement a smart locking system that secures automatically when the alarm is engaged. Regrettably, windows take extra hands-on attention, mainly if you have a loved one who enjoys to sleep with a window cracked. Luckily, your Vivint installation makes it easy to disengage that alarm while still shielding the rest of the property.

Home automation is a great technique to cut down on false alarms in Worcester

One of the best methods to minimize the chance of false alarms is to include smart home automation into your security system. When utilizing your mobile security app, you can:

  • Set a schedule to disengage the alarm when you’re in the house and avert false alarms caused by absentmindedly unlatching doors or windows. Then have it automatically engage again at night when you’re asleep.
  • Program the alarm to deactivate when your smart locking mechanism is triggered with the right code.
  • Utilize geotracking to arm your system if you depart the driveway, then turn off when you arrive home for the day.
  • Receive smartphone updates when your devices sense uncommon activity or require a battery change.
  • Pair your home security to Alexa or Google Home, so you may operate your system without the cell phone app or your touchscreen.

Cut down on false alarms in Worcester with a Vivint smart home installation

Increased command over your home security means less chance of false alarms. To customize your Vivint smart home, reach out to (508) 392-5472 or submit the form below.