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Pair comfort and savings with your Worcester smart thermostat

Pair comfort and savings with your Worcester smart thermostat

It just takes a second to realize how the thermostat plays a consistent part in our daily lives. We repeatedly play with the heat or air to make it more pleasant in our space. Even if it’s the smallest degree off, we turn the thermostat down or up until it’s just right. Just think, heating and air is up to 50% of all our energy expenses!

By using your Worcester smart thermostat, you will increase your comfort level while decreasing your energy bills. When paired with your Vivint security system, you can halt the thermostat wars by:

  • Having the thermostat learn your daily routines to fine-tune the temperature automatically

  • Changing the temperature remotely using the Vivint App

  • Receiving notifications to your smartphone when your house becomes too cold or too hot

  • Setting the temperature through voice commands and Alexa or Google AI assistant

Vivint Worcester Smart Thermostat

Save on monthly bills with your Worcester smart thermostat

By letting your smart thermostat fine-tune the temperature throughout your home, you can remain at a pleasant temperature and lower your energy costs. Set the air to lower when you leave the house for the office, and have it come back to a nice temperature 30-40 minutes before you come home. If you want to sleep with the window open, your smart thermostat can automatically lower the heat a little bit at your normal bedtime.

With your smart thermostat, you might conserve up to 10% of your normal energy use!

Your smart thermostat can work with your home automation

Your Vivint smart Thermostat works with all your Worcester smart home and security components. If your monitored fire alarm trips, your thermostat can help hinder the fire by decreasing the air and kicking on the exhaust fan. Have the air lower with your smart bulbs when you hit your “entertaining” routine on your mobile app. Or just become a little comfy by nudging the thermostat without leaving the sofa.

Don’t leave out the smart thermostat when you create your Worcester home smart house

A smart thermostat can make your house comfortable, safer, and more energy-efficient -- and is the best add-on to your Worcester home security system. Call your Vivint professional at (508) 392-5472 or complete the form below, and we’ll help you customize the perfect smart home for your family.